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WordPress Managed Services

WordPress Security & Backup

Managed Backup Services

We are here to ensure your site is protected and secure so you can have complete peace of mind while focusing on running your business.

All-Inclusive Backups

Axiom Secure offers reliable manual or scheduled backups of your entire WordPress foundation, databases, plugins, and themes.

Same Day Data Recovery

Our experts are committed to providing speedy response times, typically getting your site back up and running within the same day!

Managed WordPress Backup Services

Protect your data with Axiom Secure’s Website Backup & Restore. This convenient service allows you to recover lost or corrupted files caused by human error, software issues, hardware malfunctions, security breaches, and other potential disasters.

Reliable WordPress Backup

We perform comprehensive WordPress files and database backups to ensure you never lose any of your site content.

Hassle-free WordPress Restore

In the case of an emergency, our team of experts is equipped and ready to restore your website to its original condition quickly.

Hackers and Ransomware Attacks Protection

Axiom Secure safeguards your data by creating malware-free backups of your website.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Put your worries aside, and rest assured that your website information and online reputation are secure.

Plans & Pricing

AXiOM Secure



Get Started
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Themes Update
  • WordPress Security Plugins
  • WordPress Backup
  • File & Database Backup
  • Malware Removal
  • Ongoing Security
  • Same Day Service
  • Stress-free Site Restoration

WordPress Security and Backup Mastery

Safeguard your business from unexpected disasters such as server malfunctions and cyberattacks.

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